BioLite is a social enterprise dedicated to creating safe, reliable energy access for everyone.

We build beautiful, intuitive products that make transitioning to renewables feel like a true upgrade, never a sacrifice.

2023 Impact Report

8.1M people living brighter lives.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower people and protect the planet through access to renewable energy. We believe this is the single biggest challenge of our time and we are committed to reaching 20 million people by 2025 with clean, reliable ways to cook, charge, and light daily life.

Our Model

We use a unique business model called Parallel Innovation that pairs two distinct customers united by a common need for off-grid energy: outdoor recreationalists looking to power adventure and families in emerging markets where the grid is not available or reliable. Our team of engineers and designers work on core technologies that can be turned into solutions relevant to each audience, creating products that are user-centric, durable, and highly efficient. By leveraging insights from all over the world, every customer benefits from the end result.

Our Environmental Impact

BioLite is proudly Climate Neutral Certified, meaning that we actively measure, reduce, and offset our carbon footprint annually. We believe that to reach a net zero future, businesses must take responsibility for their carbon today and put a real price on what it takes to make products and get them out into the world. 

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Our Team

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