2023 Impact Report

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Impact By The Numbers

People With Access

In 2023, BioLite reached over 2 million additional individuals with clean energy, bringing our total number of off-grid customers in Africa to 8.1 million. For perspective, 8 million people is the approximate population of New York City.

Tons Of CO2e Offset

Carbon emissions are avoided when traditional charcoal or wood fires used for cooking are replaced with BioLite clean burning wood and charcoal stoves. 2.2M tons of CO2e is like taking 537,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

Installed Energy Capacity

BioLite SolarHome systems and HomeStove products generate electricity for many customers who have previously lived completely off-grid or had an extremely unreliable grid. The solar energy generated through our installed systems is equivalent to the energy generated by burning 4,500 tons of coal.  

Fuel Savings

When our customers adopt efficient BioLite solutions, they no longer have to pay large sums for expensive kerosene, charcoal, and wood, saving money in the long term. Customers, many who live below their nations poverty lines, are able to save an average of $173 annually.

Corporate Sustainability Summary

Every year BioLite undergoes a rigorous analysis of our impact, both in terms of the greenhouse gases we emit as well as the greenhouse gases we help avoid through cleaner energy solutions. Learn more about our findings and opportunities for further reduction in our deep dive Sustainability Report.

Stories Of Impact

From local distributors designing new paths to affordability, to outdoor adventurers helping us tell our story, these stories are a sampling of how impact manifests throughout our business.

BioLite Customer, Joseph Mwaura

Stepping Up The Energy Ladder

A proud owner of both a SolarHome 620 and SolarHome 5000, at night Joseph’s home is alive with light and television and, during the day, he can be seen sitting outside his home with the radio of his SolarHome detached, to his ear playing the local Inoroo TV radio, and connecting him to the world beyond Thika.

BioLite Distribution Partner, Easy Solar

Accessing The Hardest To Reach

BioLite distribution partner Easy Solar provides clean energy offerings to customers in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where over 75 percent of the population lives without power. For many, purchasing a BioLite cook stove or SolarHome system is an important first step in both their energy and financial journeys.

Research & Rafting

As employees reach their two-year anniversary with BioLite, they are given the opportunity to take a sabbatical, immersing themselves in excursions to get fresh perspectives, put BioLite gear to the test, and push themselves outside of work.

People First

Through community partnerships and the dedication and collaboration of the People & Culture, JEDI, and USAWA teams, BioLite continues its commitment to building a more equitable workplace and industry.

Life Outside & On The Road

Just as BioLite gear has become mainstays in their home-on-wheels, the impact of our creative partners Glen and Alana Simamora can be seen throughout BioLite’s marketing and felt in feedback provided out testing our products.

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